Case Study: Replacement of 300 Timber Transoms with Composite Transoms


Client: Haslin Construction
Location: Alligator Creek, QLD (outside Rockhampton)
Duration: 8 days in April 2024
Scope: Replacement of 300 Timber Transoms with Composite Transoms

Corfad embarked on a significant project in partnership with Haslin Construction. The project, situated in Alligator Creek, QLD, marked Corfad’s inaugural venture into the Queensland Rail (QR) network. With an ambitious scope to replace 300 timber transoms with composite alternatives, Corfad committed to an intensive 8-day occupation to meet project deadlines and ensure seamless operations.

Entering unfamiliar territory posed several challenges for Corfad. As our first endeavour within the Queensland Rail network, we needed to adapt swiftly to the unique requirements and standards of the railway infrastructure. Moreover, coordinating plant, supervision, and labor around the clock for an uninterrupted 8-day shutdown demanded meticulous planning and execution.

Corfad leveraged its extensive experience and expertise in construction to devise a comprehensive plan tailored to the project’s demands. Prioritising efficiency and precision, Corfad deployed a dedicated team equipped with the necessary resources to execute the transom replacement seamlessly. The utilisation of composite transoms not only ensured enhanced durability but also aligned with sustainability goals, reflecting Corfad’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Despite the challenges posed by the unfamiliar terrain and stringent timeline, Corfad successfully completed the project within the stipulated 8-day timeframe. The transition from timber to composite transoms bolstered the structural integrity of the railway infrastructure, enhancing safety and longevity.

Corfad’s venture into the Queensland Rail network exemplifies its adaptability and proficiency in tackling complex construction projects. By delivering exceptional results within a tight timeline, Corfad not only demonstrated its capabilities but also solidified its presence in the Queensland market. With the successful completion of the Alligator Creek project, Corfad looks forward to further collaborations and expansion opportunities in the railway sector.